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Your Path to Accurate Health Insights. Accurate Diagnostics, Informed Decisions.

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Precision Diagnosis, Compassionate Care

At Primedical Diagnostics, we blend cutting-edge diagnostic technology with a compassionate touch. Our advanced services are designed to provide you with accurate insights into your health, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Pathology Services

blood sample


Blood-related diagnostics for comprehensive health assessments



Analyzing body chemistry for precise medical insights



Assessing the immune system for disease diagnosis and monitoring



Identifying infectious agents to guide effective treatments

allergy test

Allergy Testing

Pinpointing allergens for personalized allergy management


COVID-19 Testing

Rapid and accurate testing for viral infection detection

Imaging Services

ct scan

CT Scan

Advanced imaging for detailed internal examinations

ultrasound machine

Ultrasound Imaging

Safe, non-invasive visualization of body structures

doppler fetal monitor

Colour Doppler Imaging

Real-time blood flow assessment for vascular health

x rays

Digital X-ray

High-quality diagnostic imaging for precise medical insights

x ray

OPG X-ray

Focused dental imaging for oral health assessments


CBCT Imaging

3D dental scans for comprehensive treatment planning

tele radiology

Tele Radiology

3D dental scans for comprehensive treatment planning

Cardiology Testing Services

ecg monitor

Electro Cardiogram (E.C.G)

Heart's electrical activity assessment for cardiac health


Treadmill Testing

Evaluate heart function during physical activity

health report

2D Echo Cardiogram

Detailed heart imaging for cardiac assessments


Cardiac CT

Precise imaging to assess heart and contrast enhanced calcium scoring

Neurology Evaluation Services

nervous system

Nerve Conduction Study (N.C.V)

Nerve function testing for neurological assessments


Electro Encephalogram (E.E.G)

Brain activity evaluation for neurological diagnostics

Communicable Disease Testing


Hepatitis A

Heart's electrical activity assessment for cardiac health


Hepatitis B

Evaluate heart function during physical activity

hepatitis 1

Hepatitis C

Detailed heart imaging for cardiac assessments



Accurate HIV testing for early detection and management



Comprehensive screening and diagnosis for TB

blood sample


Syphilis screening and diagnostics

floating image 06
medical machine operate
Accurate Diagnostics,
Personalized Care

Our state-of-the-art imported equipment is complemented by skilled technicians who prioritize your comfort and well-being. We understand that accurate diagnostics begin with a compassionate approach.

The Primedical Advantage:

Holistic Insights

Covering a wide range of health assessments.

Timely Results

Swift turnaround times for your convenience.

Expert Analysis

Professional interpretation and explanations of results.

Tailored Care

Services customized to suit your specific needs.

Your Health, Our Commitment

Every diagnostic service we offer is a step towards a healthier future. Our goal is to empower you with accurate information, guiding you on your journey to well-being.

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