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Prime Bronze

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Prime Bronze

The Prime Bronze health checkup package includes the following tests:

• Registration
• Blood Pressure
• Height and Weight
• Fasting Blood Sugar
• CBC (24 Parameters)
• Serum Triglyceride
• Serum Cholesterol
• Serum Uric Acid
• Serum Creatinine
• Serum Bilirubin
• Urine Routine (17 Parameters)

• It is better to come after over night fasting however, you may drink enough water
• Avoid alcohol intake – at least 24 hours prior to the collection of samples
• 10% discount on any additional tests requested along with selected packages
• Samples collected from your door step
• Reports can be sent over to you via e-mail
• No other discounts will be availed with the packages
• Tax benefits under section 80D upto Rs. 15,000/-
• Please feel free to contact us for any queries, and we will be at your service

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Every diagnostic service we offer is a step towards a healthier future. Our goal is to empower you with accurate information, guiding you on your journey to well-being.

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