Kochi’s Youngest NABL Accredited Laboratory

Your Partner in Precise Diagnostics and Personalized Care

Empowering Healthier Lives Through Accurate Diagnosis and Compassionate Healthcare

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Primedical Diagnostics

Kochi’s Youngest NABL Accredited Laboratory

At Primedical Diagnostics, we stand at the forefront of cutting-edge medical diagnostics and compassionate patient care. With a commitment to precision, trust, and innovation, we have earned our place as Kochi’s Youngest NABL Accredited Lab, setting new standards in healthcare excellence.

Why Choose Us?

Your well-being is in trusted hands.

Journey of Excellence

Dedicated for 4+ years, our journey began with accurate diagnoses and patient-centric care, fostering trust and well-being in our community.


NABL Accredited

Among India's top 2%, NABL approval signifies our commitment to quality and international standards, ensuring reliable and accurate results.

Technology and Expertise

Advanced equipment and skilled technicians drive our commitment to excellence. We blend technology and compassion for accurate, timely results.

Comprehensive Care

Our range spans 3D ultrasound to ECGs, reflecting our dedication to your health. Super specialty consultations complete our holistic approach, treating individuals, not just conditions.

Our Commitment to You

At Primedical Diagnostics, your health is our priority. We understand the concerns you bring to us and strive to create an environment where you feel understood, cared for, and supported in your health journey. Your trust empowers us to deliver the highest quality care every step of the way.

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